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Masu turns the window sill into a garden!

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masu gift idea

masu gift idea

The green windowsill - a perfect gift!

Are you looking for a small gift for your visit - or a little gift? With many decor elements or accessories, you always have a great gift idea.

Masu is not just a small gift, because with masu you can achieve great things. Masu makes cities greener, facades more beautiful and brings a piece of nature home.

Your own garden on the windowsill! Masu creates new living space and adapts to every window sill.

This guarantees the joy of this gift.


With masu you always have an "individual" gift!

Masu decor elements adapt to mood, occasion, season, flowers and herbs, or to the facade.

With the decor adapter, decorative objects can also be attached to your masu in winter.

Glass balls in many colors make your windowsill individual and beautiful.

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GREEN CREATIONS® is constantly developing new designs and colors for decorative elements and accessories. They give Masu a completely new look, or another use.


Spread joy and individuality

make it better - make it green


masu - a gift that is always fun

masu® - modular adapter system for urban gardening

masu® is a brand of GREEN CREATIONS®