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Masu turns the window sill into a garden!

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accessory products make your masu individual

accessory products make your masu individual

With different accessory products you can change the use of Masu and at the same time design it individually.

masu accessory - glass balls

High-quality glass balls in many colors from GREEN CREATIONS® can be screwed directly onto the cap of the upright part in just a few steps.

The caps are already pre-assembled - all you have to do is loosen the perforation on the top of the cap - done.

masu are installed in one minute
all caps are already prepared for glass balls


GREEN CREATIONS® offers different adapters to use your masu in a variety of ways!

The decorative adapter is attached to the telescopic crossbar.

This means that decorative objects can be attached to poles (up to 6 mm in diameter) such as wind turbines, poinsettias, flags, Easter bunnies, etc.
Different numbers of decorative adapters can be installed or removed on the telescopic crossbars in just a few simple steps.

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masu decor adapter - fixes your decorative objects directly to the crossbar
accessory adapter is secured to the crossbar


The accessory adapter is attached to the upright part instead of the cap.

This means that you can expand the benefits of Masu indefinitely and attach various accessories from GREEN CREATIONS®.

Accessoryproducts from GREEN CREATIONS® are already pre-assembled with the accessory adapter and adjustable from 0 - 360 °.

Some examples of this are the insect hotel or the bird house by GREEN CREATIONS®.

They don't just look great, they bring nature a little bit home. Window gardening with Masu.

You are welcome to send us your ideas for additional accessories.

masu accessory - bird house gives animals new living space
accessory adapter consists of upper and lower part

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