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Masu turns the window sill into a garden!

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Masu expansionset

Masu expansionset

Masu suits you - where ever you use Masu

Masu® expansionset extend the basicset infinately to any width

With the Masu expansionset, the basicset can be extended on both sides.

In each expansionset, another expansioset can be attached.

Since each expansionset is equipped with a further upright to be placed on the window sill, Masu remains always stable and secure even when extended serveral times.

  • Masu expansionset - for multiple extensions of masu basic sets
  • Masu expansionset - for a wider width of 78 - 130 cm steplessly adjustable
  • Masu expansionset - in 2 colours (anthracite, signal grey)
  • Masu expansionset - with different decor elements in many colors and designs combinable
  • Masu expansionset - suitable for any extension

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Masu wiht one expansionset


masu® - modular adapter system for urban gardening

masu® is a brand of GREEN CREATIONS®

masu® makes window sills, tin-platend plinth (eg: roof terraces) or similar designs in safe ways and ways useful and beautiful - for "urban gardening", decoration, camping, advertising, lifestyle, ...