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Masu turns the window sill into a garden!

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masu basicset from € 49.90 - fits on any window sill

masu basicset from € 49.90 - fits on any window sill

Window sill fall protection Masu basicset turns every window sill into a garden

easy to assemble and infinitely adjustable (78 - 140 cm)


Masu basicset changes window sills usable and in a safe way beautiful!
For urban gardening, decoration, lifestyle - assembled in a few simple steps - without drilling - without sawing!

The Masu basicset fits on all window sills (see installation requirement) and includes all the necessary adapters including the telescopic crossbar system.

You only need to select the color of the basicset (2 colors) and the decor elements (3 styles / 8 colors).

If you don't want any decorative elements, only the telescopic crossbars (anodized aluminum) and the two uprights are visible.

The basicset can be extended several times on both sides with extension sets.

All parts are already pre-assembled.

Make your windowsill into the garden and bring a piece of nature home!

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masu - basicset for a width from 78 cm to 140 cm; infinitely adjustable with telescopic crossbars
masu - basicset in 2 basic colors (anthracite, signal gray) and in 3 different styles (modern / classic / waves)
masu - further decor elements available in many colors and designs (exchanged with one click)
masu - many accessory products for various uses such as glass balls, insect hotel, bird house, ...


Masu basis-Set with insect hotel

Why Masu®?

  • easy to assemble / disassemble in a few simple steps
  • modular design and customizable
  • all plastic parts are made from 100% recycled plastic
  • no drilling, no sawing, no additional tools required
  • no damage to the facade or surface
  • telescopic cross bar - no measurement necessary
  • fits on all standard window sills or on a 1-55 mm thick surface
  • fits aluminum and sheet metal window sills with rain noses up to 30 mm high
  • for rain noses with a height of more than 30 mm, a compensation piece (available in the web shop) is attached to the underside of the windowsill
  • extensionsets make Masu infinitely expandable

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 Your window sill can be used 365 days a year 

  • for more green, decoration, lifestyle, advertising, living space
  • appearance and benefits can be customized (easy & click)
  • diverse accessories
  • decor elements in many designs and colors
  • decor adapter for decorations on bars up to 6 mm in diameter

Masu® - modular adapter system für urban gardening

Masu® is a brand of GREEN CREATIONS®