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Do I have to measure my window sill before I buy Masu®?

Masu® fits best from 78 cm to 140 cm wide. If your application is wider, you can expand it at any time with one (or more) extension set (s) (Masu® can also be used with smaller widths (see chapter masu).

How many expansion sets can I use?

Masu® can be expanded several times with extension sets.

How many decor elements do I need?

One pack of decor elements is sufficient for a basic set or an extension set of 5 pieces per pack))

Which tools do I need for assembly?

Apart from an Allen key (included in the basic set), you do not need any other tools.

I have no previous technical knowledge - who can assemble Masu®?

You do not need any special prior knowledge and can assemble Masu® comfortably and safely yourself. A detailed explanation (video, assembly instructions) is nevertheless available on our website! Can I buy decorative elements individually?

Can I buy decorative elements individually ?

Decorative elements are available individually in our web shop!

 There are other accessories?

GREEN CREATIONS® continuously develops and adapts new accessory products!

Are Masu® and the accessory products suitable for outdoor use?

Masu® and all accessories are designed for outdoors, but are also suitable for indoors!

Can I assemble and disassemble Masu®?

Masu® is developed and suitable for repeated assembly and disassembly! Therefore, keep the supplied Allen key well.

Is Masu® water proof?

Masu® is both UV and weather resistant!

Do I have to remove masu® in a storm?

Masu® is doubly secured. In the event of storms over 100 km/h, remove larger accessory products such as beneficial hotel, etc. (remove safety pin and pull out accessory product) for safety reasons.

I need the landlord's consent to assemble Masu®?

Masu® can be installed without damaging the facade or other components and can be removed again at any time. To be on the safe side, please inform yourself in good time whether your rental contract or the house rules preclude such use.

Can I combine decor elements with each other?

Decor elements can be combined with one another and exchanged at any time!

How much are the shipping costs?

From a purchase value of € 99.00 there are no shipping costs - including shipping costs - depending on the country from € 5.00 (including VAT)

What colors are there Masu®?

Masu® basicset and expansionset are available in 2 colors (RAL 7004, signal gray and RAL 7016, anthracite gray). Decor elements are also available in many other colors and designs (see our web shop).

What colors are there decorative elements?

Decor elements are available in many different (8) colors and 3 different designs (see our webshop).

Can I also mount masu® on narrow window sills?

Masu® was developed for assembly without tools. Widths less than 78 cm are possible if you shorten the aluminum telescopic poles with an iron saw.

The rain nose of my window sill is higher than 25 mm?

The angle adapter must clamp on the underside of the window sill. Otherwise there is no stable connection between masu® and the window sill. In this case, use a distance piece (masu distance piece), which is glued to the underside of the window sill. Either you order this distance piece from our webshop (screen printing plate, 15 mm high, peel off the protective film and attach it to the underside of the window sill), or you create your own intermediate piece. Please note that the material used is weatherproof and dimensionally stable.

IMPORTANT NOTICE regarding the inclination adapter - applies only to Austria:

GREEN CREATIONS® does not violate any legal claims of third parties with the Masu® product as it has been sold exclusively since April 10, 2019. No additional inclination adapter is currently being delivered. The inclination adapter is only required if window sills are not installed in accordance with the standard (5 ° inclination). Our uprights completely compensate for this inclination. If you purchase Masu® delivered to our trading partners before April 10, 2019 with an additional inclination adapter, this inclination adapter must not be used at the moment.